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I am so lucky that my boyfriend chose not to listen to all the negative people in my life. To the naysayers, petty people, asses, and backstabbers who I allowed into my circle. I can’t believe how immature the people I work with are. RUMORS. This isn’t High-School. I can’t believe the amount of information that goes around that place, it’s a cess pool for gossip and I was the subject.

My boyfriend must be all kinds of amazing because he heard some things about me. Some true, some false, some just misunderstood. He decided to let me voice my side. He didn’t judge this book by the cover and he got to know me. ME. So now ever since June, I have this silly smile on my face because I’m a lucky girl to spend time with him and I know he feels like he’s a lucky man to hang out with me.


Body Confidence Week starts again on Monday 7th July!

These are the daily challenges! Make sure with each photo you say something POSITIVE about it. This is not just about your appearance, its about how we treat ourselves as people. 

Use the hashtag #BodyConfidenceWeek2014 so people can easily find your photos etc. Lets embrace ourselves. 

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message! 

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